Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easy Bean Sloppy Joe’s

Easy Bean Sloppy Joe's
I have been delinquent in posting, mostly because my tasting partner and I are remodeling our family home and have spent every waking hour moving out of our house and into our rental unit.  I have also been trying to sell furniture and other items that we have decided will not go in our redesigned home, so I have not had time to post.  While I was moving my kitchen out, I found some tepary beans from Rancho Gordo and a couple of packets of Lowry’s Sloppy Joe mix.  I decided to soak the tepary beans over night, cook them up in the morning with some carrots, onions and a bay leaf, and then use the cooked beans as the base for the Sloppy Joes.  This is cheating, so to speak, using a spice packet, but who has time to cook in the middle of a move?  And, instead of serving the bean mixture on buns, I served the bean version of Sloppy Joe’s over baked yams.  Delicious! 

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