Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Raw Fudge or Brownie

Raw Fudge or Brownie

I love chocolate, and in particular I love good chocolate.  I also love a good brownie, a piece of fudge or a truffle, preferably without nuts because I like the mouth feel of smooth chocolate. As you might surmise, brownies and fudge are made with unacceptable foods on a vegan diet (dairy and eggs) and eating a piece of good chocolate can lead to consuming the entire bag. So what's a chocoholic to do?  Make a fake brownie from dates, nuts and cacao.  Now, I won’t pretend that it tastes like a decadent brownie, silky smooth piece of fudge or a heavenly truffle. It tastes like chocolate.  It has fiber and no added sugar and my tasting partner approves.

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Raw Fudge


2 cups whole walnuts
1 cup raw cacao 
¼ tsp. sea salt

2 ½ cups Medjool dates, pitted

1 cup raw unsalted almonds, roughly chopped


1. Place walnuts in food processor and blend on high until the nuts are finely ground, almost turning to walnut butter.

2. Add the cacao and salt, pulse to combine.

3. Add the dates one at a time through the feed tube of the food processor while it is running. What you should end up with is a mix that appears rather like cake crumbs, but that when pressed, will easily stick together.  If the mixture does not hold together well, add more dates.

4. Add the chopped almonds to the cacao date mixture and pulse a few times to combine and chop the almonds into finer pieces.

5. Press into a lined (with parchment paper) 8 x 8 pan. Place in fridge until ready to serve (it is also easier to cut these when they are very cold). Cut into squares and store in an airtight container.

(I removed the parchment paper and put the raw fudge back in the pan for my picture.)

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