Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bean Tacos Revisited

Black Bean Tacos

This is a brief comment about heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo .  I received a thoughtful gift consisting of a year of beans from Rancho Gordo from my middle son and his lovely partner.  I used the black beans included in a recent package to make my black bean tacos.  I think they were black Rio Zape beans, but I can not find them on the web site and I threw out the packaging (oops).   All I know is that the beans were delicious in the tacos, plump and chewy.  It is amazing the difference in heirloom beans compared to dried beans purchased at your local market, well worth the money spent.  Thank you again to for J and M for introducing Rancho Gordo beans to me and my tasting partner.

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