Sunday, March 24, 2013

Buttermilk Biscuits

I love a good biscuit.  Warm, fluffy, tender and moist with a slab of butter melting on it; nothing beats a good homemade biscuit.  Of course, this type of food is normally not acceptable in the ‘vegan at home’ diet, but on special occasions (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter) one has to break the rules of the tasting partner and whip up a batch of the most delicious biscuits ever.  I have a long history of biscuits.  My mom, a Southern lady, made a good biscuit for our Sunday dinners, but every so often the biscuits would not rise and they were burnt, flat disappointments.  When I was a youngster, I seem to remember entering my biscuits in a 4H fair and receiving a blue ribbon, but no one is able to corroborate this memory.  Years passed, we started our family and time spent in the kitchen was at a premium.  Enter the canned, premade biscuit, which was good, but not a Biscuit.  After the boys had grown and I had more time to devote to passing food fancies, I discovered, after trial and error, Shirley Corriher’s Touch of Grace Biscuits (BakeWise). Delicious! 

Note:  The recipe calls for a low protein Southern U.S White Lily self-rising flour, which I can not find here in SoCal, but have had great success with Gold Medal Self Rising flour. Comparing the nutritional information, the White Lily self rising flour has 2 grams of protein per ¼ cup and the Gold Medal self rising flour has 3 grams of protein per ¼ cup, which is more, but does not appear to affect the outcome of the biscuit.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Bean Chili

Bean Chili

Before my tasting partner went on the ‘vegan at home diet’, I would have a few ‘go to’ dinners that were quick and easy to throw together, especially when I would have a busy day: rotisserie chicken (purchased at the store) with a large green salad; salmon patties (frozen from a big box store) on buns with roasted potatoes, vegetables and a salad; prepared chicken salad (from that same big box store) and a salad or finally, a hamburger for me and a veggie patty for my tasting partner.  Obviously, those options are now out the door and I have had to come up with a quick, easy, yet tasty dinner that I could throw together when I am to tired to cook, like after doing the gardening all morning long.  And, it has to be filling, since we no longer have cakes and cookies around, just waiting to be eaten.  Enter Lowery’s Chili Mix made with canned beans and diced canned tomatoes.  Easy to put together, and yes, I am using canned beans.  You can modify the beans you use to your liking but my tasting partner and I are happy with this combination.  A side note, on the Lowry’s package, the list of ingredients does include ‘cocoa powder’ at the very end, which is why this chili has a great depth of flavor, but it is important for those people who are avoiding caffeine.

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bean Tacos Revisited

Black Bean Tacos

This is a brief comment about heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo .  I received a thoughtful gift consisting of a year of beans from Rancho Gordo from my middle son and his lovely partner.  I used the black beans included in a recent package to make my black bean tacos.  I think they were black Rio Zape beans, but I can not find them on the web site and I threw out the packaging (oops).   All I know is that the beans were delicious in the tacos, plump and chewy.  It is amazing the difference in heirloom beans compared to dried beans purchased at your local market, well worth the money spent.  Thank you again to for J and M for introducing Rancho Gordo beans to me and my tasting partner.